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Overview of Programs & Services


Programs for Infants & Toddlers at STAR's Rubino Family Center

Beginning with infants and toddlers with special needs, STAR Rubino Family Center's team of certified teachers and therapists provide early intervention services in the home, daycare center, preschool, and other community settings. Services focus on helping the family to help their child within the family's daily routine, culture, values and priorities. Therapeutic, educational and social services are offered to meet the development and health needs of their child.


Family Support Services

STAR provides families with flexible supports of their choosing at times that they need them in order to assist their children with their roles, activities and responsibilities within the family. Formal programs and professional services, as well as the informal support available from extended family, friends, neighbors and community members are utilized. Parent education and training is also provided.

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Senior Services

STAR helps seniors with developmental disabilities to continue to build their interpersonal relationship skills, make new friends and utilize communication skills while encouraging them to participate more fully in community life.

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Day Services

Each year, individuals receive job training from STAR and they are supported at local corporations and businesses, where they earn competitive wages and benefits.

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Employment Services

STAR provides training and job opportunities to individuals with developmental disabilities so that they are able to participate with greater independence and self-sufficiency in the community. We offer employment training and placement, as well as opportunities to work in area businesses or with STAR’s fulfillment services or work crews.

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Residential Services

Approximately 70 individuals are supported each year living in STAR operated Group Homes and Supported Apartments. Individuals receive training, supervision and support in order to live full and productive lives.

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Recreation Services

STAR helps individuals with developmental disabilities to safely enjoy themselves by participating in recreational activities that build their interpersonal relationship skills, help them to make new friends and utilize communication skills while encouraging them to participate more fully in community life.

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Supported Independent Living Services

Independent living provides opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities to design their own lives.  Support provided by STAR allows them to develop and utilize their daily living skills, work skills, interpersonal relationship skills and community involvement creating a reality of inclusion and self sufficiency.

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Advocacy, Case Management and Transportation Services

All participants of STAR programs receive coordinated case management, social services and advocacy. Transportation is available to and from STAR programs for eligible participants.Accessibility Compliance Policy: It is the policy of STAR to provide equal employment opportunities and promote the means for accessibility to programs for all persons without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, national origin, marital status, veteran status or disability. STAR actively pursues and annually evaluates all its programs, services, and facilities to eliminate physical, attitudinal, architectural, communication, environmental, financial, transportation and employment barriers.

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Siblings of those with intellectual disabilities are a very important part of the family, and crucial to positive family dynamics and the life of the person with an intellectual disability! This program for siblings (ages 8-13) of a special needs brother or sister validates that special role and strengthens the sibling relationship as well as the lifelong family bond.


For more information about STAR’s programs for infants, children and adults with developmental disabilities, please contact:Katie Banzhaf, Executive Director (203) 846-9581