Residential Services

STAR offers a wide range of services related to the residential needs of adult individuals with developmental disabilities. Whether the individual lives in the family home, a shared apartment or condominium, a group living situation or independent living in an apartment or condominium, STAR services include nearly all the supports needed, such as transportation, grocery shopping, medical appointments, help getting to jobs, companionship and recreational activities. To learn more about residential services available, please contact Cheryl Bergstrom, Director of Residential Services at or by phone at (203) 846-9581 x359. 

HOME LIFE.  Life with STAR residential is about a lot more than meal and bed times. Staff, family members, volunteers and volunteer groups often engage residents in fun social activities such as the pumpkin carving activity shown above.
Holiday tree decorating.
Trips to museums and cultural activities.
Roommates and friends.

Support and friendship.