Resources for Children from Birth to Age 3
from STAR, Inc., Lighting the Way
Rubino Family Center


  • Birth-to-Three Services Available

  • Community Play Groups

  • Community Support

  • Community Fun

  • Social Services

  • Resources for children from birth to age three


Birth-to-Three Services

STAR offers a wide range of early intervention services to help strengthen the capacity of families with children who have developmental disabilities. Our mission is to help families meet the developmental and health-related needs of their infants or toddlers. At the STAR Rubino Family Center, we provide educational, therapeutic and social services for infants and toddlers from birth to age three with special needs, as well as their families. These include but are not limited to:


  • Communication Skill Development

  • Play Skill Development

  • Fine Motor Development

  • Gross Motor Development

  • Counseling and Social Work

  • Family Support Development


Services are available in the setting that is most conducive to your child’s security and comfort level such as the home, a familiar daycare center, activity center or community park(s).


Community Play Groups

This play-based curriculum encourages communication, play skill development, socialization, motor skill development and self-management in a friendly, nurturing inclusive environment to maximize each child’s social and emotional development. Community groups are facilitated by early childhood staff and STAR Rubino will accompany your child and you to the playgroup. Parents participate in the groups and learn strategies to increase their child’s language, movement and/or social skills. Parents and children also learn how to handle separation periods.  


Community Support

Our staff provides observation, consultation and support to community providers, other caregivers, preschools and daycare centers to help make your child’s experience successful.


Community Fun

Community activities are planned for our participants and their families, including library time, music group, gym class, trips to the supermarket, park, beach or museum. These activities provide support and entertainment while increasing the child’s skill development



STAR can help a child diagnosed with special needs, as well as his or her family. Guidance toward appropriate medical and program services, referrals to available community resources and further discussion of the child’s special needs are offered.


For additional information about programs for infants offered through the STAR Rubino Family Center, please contact Barbara Fitzpatrick, Director of Programs for Infants and Children at (203) 855-0634 or