Day Services

STAR offers a wide range of life-enhancing day services that provide greater opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities to lead active, independent, meaningful lives. We’ve developed programs that encourage continuous improvement, personal enrichment and community engagement. Select from the items below for information about STAR’s day services.

Development Training
STAR works with participants to help them acquire new skills and refine existing skills in the areas of daily living, communication, decision-making and socialization.

Employment Services
Placement staff work closely with each individual to develop employment goals, skills, and training that are best suited to his/her skills, desires and aptitudes. That way, each placement represents a unique match between the participant and the employer.




  • Create individualized employment profiles and situation assessments for each participant


  • Provide opportunities for integrated vocational training and employment in STAR-supervised work crews


  • Offer various types of sub-contracted work in our onsite workshops, to help maximize the individual’s potential and increase their participation in the community. Work projects include maintenance, grounds work, janitorial, cafeteria training and food service/preparation and piece work.

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School-to-Work Transition
We help individuals ages 14-21 transition from the special education environment to the paid work or adult services environment, offering comprehensive counseling, behavioral support, job training and ADL training.

Case Management
STAR provides a full complement of rehabilitative support, which includes counseling, regular reviews, shared input and support with family and supporters at case meetings. Families also receive help with government benefits and support services for the parents and family

Community Support
We encourage individuals to participate in community activities that enhance their individual ability to make choices affecting their own lives. Goals are set for each individual to improve skills in communication, socialization, mobility and self-expression. Program activities include: employment, leisure activities, continuing education courses, shopping, volunteerism and training to utilize public transportation.

Senior Services
Individuals ages 60 and over are encouraged to participate in suitable activities that also encourage improved communication, socialization, mobility and self-expression. These activities are tailored to the physical and mental abilities of the participants. Activities include: arts and crafts, health and exercise, volunteerism, shopping and day trips or visits to area restaurants.

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For more information about day services at STAR, please contact Kari Ryan, Director of Day Services at             

Apply for STAR’s Day Services


For more information contact:
Kari Ryan, Director of Employment Services
(203) 846-9581 ext. 313 or


Documents that will be needed for admission:


  • Psychological examination report within three years prior to application


  • Physical examination within one year of application (download form)


  • Residential assessments (if applicable)


  • Reports from previous service providers


  • School records (if applicable)


  • Reports from other service providers such as speech, occupational, physical therapists (if applicable)


  • Completed STAR admission referral form (download form)



  • Completed release and request of information forms (download form)


  • Guardianship papers (if applicable)

We would be happy to assist with the completion of required forms and securing these records. All information is kept confidential. We urge you to share as much information as possible. The more we know, the better we can serve you!

Before completing the STAR application, we want you to have a thorough understanding  of the services we provide. Develop a list of questions you have for us. We would be happy to provide references from our participants and their families. We welcome the opportunity to share our successes and challenges with you.

Note: In order to receive services from STAR, the applicant must be third-party sponsored or agree to pay the established fee.

Information about third-party sponsorship is available at:

State of Connecticut Department of Developmental Services (DDS). DDS application may be made by calling 1-866-433-8192 or by initiating the eligibility process online at

The Department of Social Services Bureau of Rehabilitation Services also provide third-party sponsorship options. For information call 1-800-537-2549.

For third-party sponsorships regarding visual impairments, contact the Board of Education Services for the Blind (BESB) at 1-800-842-4510.

We can also help you with this process of registering and obtaining third-party sponsorship. For assistance or if you wish to pay the established fee directly or through a fiscal intermediary, contact Kari Ryan, Director of Day Services, at (203) 846-9581 ext. 313.